Problematika kvalifikace lékařských pochybení

K. ADAMUS, A. ADAMUSOVÁ RZYMANOVÁ, S. LOYKA, R. ÚTRATA : Problematika kvalifikace lékařských pochybení - The problems with the classification of medical malpractices, 1st SLOVAK – CZECH SCIENTIFIC CONGRESS OF FORENSIC MEDICINE with international participation, 2. INTERNATIONALES SYMPOSIUM DES OSTEUROPAVEREINS RECHTSMEDIZIN, June 18-21, 2008, Gabčíkovo, Slovakia

The autors deal with the qualification of medical malpractices, that are being judged esspecialy in cases, when the discontent patient (harmed one), with submit a legal notification to the criminal court. The result of such a criminal legislative procedur is however often unpredictable. Medical doktor is often being penalized for an unintentional mistake. This would include conciencious and unconciencious negligence. On contrary serious negligences remain very often unpunished, irrespective of the results of expertize.